The sea is ours, the future is yours!

Discover the endless opportunities in the maritime industry with Primera Maritime! We are a crewing agency dedicated to connecting talented professionals with successful careers at sea. With extensive experience in the field, we have gained our reputation as a reliable partner for navigators and shipowners alike. Our passionate team works tirelessly to ensure that each crew member finds the right place, and each ship is equipped with the most qualified personnel. Whether you are a captain, engineer, electrician or deck staff, Primera Maritime opens your doors to extraordinary sea voyages and remarkable professional development opportunities.

Experience and expertise

Primera Maritime enjoys a solid experience in the maritime industry, being a crewing agency that has developed long-term partnerships with top ship owners and professionals in the field. Our team consists of well-trained specialists with a deep understanding of the specific requirements of the industry, ensuring a careful selection and perfect match between crew members and ships.

Commitment to Security

Crew and ship safety is a key priority for us. We only work with ships that meet the highest standards of maritime security and ensure that each crew member is adequately trained in safety and response procedures emergency. Thus, we offer a safe and protected work environment for all involved.

Development opportunities

By choosing Primera Maritime, you choose not only a job, but also a platform for personal and professional development. We offer continuing education and training programs to support you in increasing skills and abilities. Regardless of your career level, you will benefit from resources, mentoring and support to achieve your goals in the constantly evolving maritime industry.

Available jobs



Cabin Steward
Oak Ridge, TN, US
Civil Construction
Read more 08/11/2019
Deputy Principal Construction Manager
Brooklyn, NY, US
Project Management
Read more 08/01/2016
Senior Industrial Planner
Oak Ridge, TN, US
Civil Construction
Read more 08/01/2016