Primera Maritime is a crewing agency dedicated to the provision of crew recruitment and management services for the maritime industry. With a rich experience and a solid reputation in this field, we are proud to be the reliable partner for shipping companies around the world.

At Primera Maritime, we are committed to being the reliable partner you can rely on for all your needs to recruit and manage maritime crews. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals and make sure your ships are led by qualified and motivated crews.

Browse for success with Primera Maritime – your trusted partner for top maritime crews!

Why us

Solid experience

With over 16 years of back experience and strong international connections, we are your sure base in navigating the seas and your maritime career. We know the specific needs of each region and guide you to the best opportunities.

Training courses

Not only do we place you on ships, but we invest in your continuous development. We offer a wide range of refresher courses to improve your skills and keep up with new technologies and regulations.

Global network of opportunities

We have close ties to top shipping companies around the world. Whether you are an experienced captain or cadet eager to learn, we offer a variety of jobs on various ships, from oil tankers to cruise ships.

Full transparency

We create relationships based on trust. We provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions, whether you are a candidate or a shipping company.

Personal relationship

To us, you're not just a name on paper. We know your dreams and goals and work with you to find your perfect place aboard the ship. Each candidate is important, and each ship receives the ideal crew.

The success of our crew

Your success is our mission. We are proud of the crews we have formed and supported over the years, and their success stories are our best recommendation.

Our mission

At Primera Maritime, we have dedicated ourselves to building a bright future for the maritime industry. Our mission is to bring together our passion for navigation, maritime skills and ethical values to create a special experience for both our partner ships and our crew members.

Discover nautical opportunities with us! Our crew from the crewing agency gives you access to extraordinary maritime careers, connecting you with the best jobs at sea.

  • Exceptional crews
  • Safety and ethics
  • Sustainable partnerships
  • Professional development
  • Innovation and efficiency
  • Continuous support

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