Accreditation management

Primera Maritime: Your trusted partner for managing maritime accreditation

In the maritime industry, correct and complete documentation is essential for safe navigation and in accordance with international regulations. Maritime accreditation is a crucial part of this documentation and can have a significant impact on the operability of ships and the careers of sailors. Primera Maritime understands the importance of managing maritime accreditation and provides a dedicated service to ensure that all documents are in order and up to date.

What does “ Accreditation Management ” mean at Primera Maritime?

Our “ Accreditation Management ” service is designed to ensure that our crew members have the correct and valid documentation to meet the requirements of maritime regulations and to navigate safely. This service includes monitoring, updating and managing all necessary credentials for each crew member.

The main aspects of accreditation management:

  1. Accreditation monitoring: We are constantly following the expiration date of the necessary accreditations and certificates and we are alerted to any imminent expiration.
  2. Documentation update: We ensure that any changes or updates to the documentation are carried out properly and on time.
  3. Legal compliance: We regularly check accreditations to ensure that they comply with applicable legal requirements and maritime regulations.
  4. Renewal of accreditations: We assist crew members in the process of renewing accreditations, including in completing the necessary documents and in planning exams and refresher courses.
  5. Notifications and alerts: We provide regular notifications and alerts to both the crew and the partner shipping company to ensure continued compliance.

Impact of accreditation management

Managing maritime accreditation is not only an administrative task, but a crucial component of safe maritime navigation and maintaining legal compliance. With our support in managing accreditation, crew members can navigate with confidence, knowing that their documentation is always in order.

This service has a positive impact on the operability of ships and on the career of sailors. Ships may continue to operate without problems, avoiding sanctions or delays due to improper documentation. At the same time, seafarers shall be assured that they have all the necessary credentials to carry out their activities safely and in accordance with the regulations.

At Primera Maritime, we are dedicated to ensuring that documentation is always in order and that crew members sail safely and without legal problems. Through our “ Accreditation Management service, ” we contribute to the success and efficiency of maritime operations and successful careers for seafarers.

How to contact us

For more information and to explore our career opportunities in the maritime field, please contact us at:

📞 Phone: 0738 301 101
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Primera Maritime offers many advantages for sailors who choose to collaborate with us. These advantages include:

  • Various opportunities: We collaborate with various ships and destinations, giving you the opportunity to choose what best suits your experience and preferences.
  • Professionalism and safety: We only work with reliable ships and shipping companies, making sure that your experience at sea is safe and professional.
  • Personalised services: We take care of the individual needs of each sailor and offer personalized placement services to help you find the ideal job.
  • Transparency: We are known for our transparency in the placement process, so you always know what to expect.

Requirements may vary depending on the specific job and crew you are looking for, but in general, to apply for a job through us, you need:

  • Maritime experience, depending on the desired position.
  • Minimum knowledge in French and English.
  • Availability for immediate departure ( ASAP ).
  • Other specific qualifications and certifications, if required for the desired position.

To contact us and apply for a job, you can use the following contact details:

You can call us or send us an email to discuss the opportunities available and start the application process. Our team will be happy to guide you through this process and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your maritime career.



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